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50 shade of grey - Mr grey will see you now!

50 Shades of Grey: Mr Grey will see you now

Stop the lip biting! Stop the presses! Or the blogues or the whole internet! Shut it down.

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50 Shades of Grey steamy new trailer is out and it promises to add a spicy twist the rusty, old plain Vanilla flavor! As the most anticipated film of the year keeps getting closer to it’s release date it’s a non stop teaser party 24/7. 

50 Shades of Grey - Anastacia

Heavy core fans of the E.L. James books might not be disappointed. A whole 50 Shades of Grey new trailer was released this Thursday full of first hand images, whip lashes and lip biting that promises a handful of scenes bursting with sexual chemistry between Jamie Dorman’s Grey and Dakota Johnson’s Anastasia will be hitting the cinema next year.

50 Shades of Grey -  Mr Grey

Since it was announced,  50 shades has haunted us with teasers. Even Jamie Dornan teases usThe new trailer is set to the tune of Haunted by Beyónce, Queen B well know for it’s sexy and lustful tracks that compels today’s teenage girl was chosen for the soundtrack in a struck of genius by 50 shades marketers.


After the initial setback with the changing of the leading man at the last minute from Charlie Dunham to Jamie Dorman and all the gossip about how naked is he gonna get, 50 Shades of Grey movie is set to be release worldwide on Valentine’s Day, 15 of February 2015. It’s a date, Mr Grey.

delightfull catalogue

“Enlighten me then”. Light, lamps, illumination, there’s a pun here somewhere we could make but …you know…we are just teasing you.

Laters, baby!