Modern Lighting Inspire Décor

We understand perfectly that you love modern décor and that you are always looking for the best details for your home, like Modern Lighting for instance. Today we want to remember you the lighting is a very important thing when it comes to creating an amazing interior. And since you are looking for modern inspirations, we have prepared some images for you. We know that it is not easy to do the best choices when it comes to choosing the best modern lighting, but with our help, you can do it for sure. And we’ll prove you that.

Look at the following image. This is a fantastic interior. Got to love the stripes on the wall. But the stripes, the industrial sideboard and the colors aren’t the best things about this interior: the Madeleine chandelier, by DelightFULL is what we love the most. For us, the perfect modern lighting choice to an office or even a library.

Modern Lighting Inspire Décor 6

You should already nottest that black & copper, lots of gold and the junction of gold & black are a classic lighting design trend. Well at DelightFULL they followed the trends and developed the ideal hanging lamps to decorate the fanciest of the dining rooms. Look at this modern chandeliers, perfect for this black Friday.

Modern Lighting Inspire Décor 7

It surely is a design trend for 2015: the junction of copper plated and black finishes turn any piece into a desirable object to decorate the trendiest room. And if we are talking about 20 or 40 glossy black lampshades that focus either the ceiling or the floor (it’s up to you), that’s definitely a refined choice for next year. Instantaneously, you’re back to a chic 50’s decor.

Modern Lighting Inspire Décor 8

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Modern Lighting Inspire Décor 1

What’s good about modern lamps is that you are allowed to use them in any space, once you can combine it with any other style. They will look well with mid-century, vintage or contemporary furniture, believe us.

Modern Lighting Inspire Décor 2

No one understands the importance of contemporary lighting better than us modernistas/décor lovers. Let’s show the world we are the best on decorating and on choosing the best modern lighting.

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