Top European designs vs sputnik chandelier

Without any kind of doubts, Sputnik Chandelier still is a star, shining every day even more. The Sputnik Chandelier is perfect for making your interior look like a royal palace. What would you like to choose to your apartment? Here we have presented some top European designs with an amazing sputnik chandelier.

I’ve always dreamed of having a gorgeous sputnik, but they are usually on the smaller side and in the many thousands of dollars. I had planned on investing a little bit more of the house budget on the dining area’s light fixture because it would be basically the first thing you’d see when walking into our apartment. I wanted big and beautiful.

Top European designs vs sputnik chandelier


Our next European designs idea is this lovely sputnik chandelier. Talk of and mood board creations for entryway and foyer decor and design has got me Foyer Thinking.  You know what they say about first impressions. A stylish, sophisticated and stunning  foyer is guaranteed to make a fabulous and lasting first impression.

Top European designs vs sputnik chandelier

This lovely, golden sputnik chandelier is perfect for any sophisticated interior. Gorgeous mid-century sputnik is a real piece of art that will impress all of your guests.

07 Sputnik

Our next inspiration is this based on the classic “Sputnik” design of the 1950’s this updated version is crafted from raw steel and brass. 12 large frosted light bulb globes (available separately) look stunning in this chandelier.

09 sputnik

Jenny of Little Green Notebook has done it again. She has been dreaming of a sputnik chandelier for her dining room but didn’t want to spend the thousands of dollars they can run. So she created one from the oft-used IKEA Maskros, gold paint and some amuse bouche plates, of all things.”

0 10 sputnik

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