The Best 6 Luxury Light Fixtures For Your Home

Your home deserves the best of the best. So there must be some areas where you really want to go over the top, over the budget, and include a luxurious element. When it comes to invest in a luxury light fixture make sure that you got it perfect. Find something functional, stylish and sizable lighting choices. Mix art with your daily routine, and keep your house inspiring.

In this selection you will find  oflighting fixtures for the home, including lamps and pendant light.Decorative ceiling light fixtures in completly great finishes and styles that i hope will give you more ideas and inspirations for your choices.

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Original chandeliers - the touch of black in decor


This modern chandelier in black is so sophisticated and imposing that you will probably look at it for hours A suspension luxury light chandelier is always a piece of art but this one is absolutely gorgeous.

Rachel O’Neill

Original chandeliers - the touch of black in decor

For your kitchen get inspired for this unusual combination between a rustic style decor and a luxury black chandelier! It’s absolutely amazing and that’s true, sometimes what we think that will be terrible, but can work perfectly!
hypnotic-chandelier copy
This sleek and elegant luxury chandelier will hypnotize you. You’ll become mesmerized as the intricately fashioned chandelier coils and bends in golden spirals; weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette.

Hypnotic Chandelier, by Koket
This chandelier was conceived as a rope of light crossing the ceiling, only bands of light and glass are visible. It is not an object. It is not a light fitting. It is the light itself that seems to live and circulate in the entrance space, as if stitched onto the building itself. what a modern chandelier!

– Les Cordes Chandelier by Mathieu Lehanneur
Cloudy by Fabian
“Cloudy is a paradox! – explains young designer, Mathieu Lehanneur – This lamp has been created using extremely complex steel moulds, which have given it an almost magical lightness, a glass cloud floating in the air”. – Cloudy
Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Fabbian.

decor your room with modern chandeliers
Like an orchestra, Botti embodies all the details of wind instruments and takes us into a music concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle, a monumental piece which shows the exquisite capacity of Delightfull’s skilled artisans. Botti suspension ?xture will surely mark a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in any setting. This piece is a great example of a Luxury Light Fixtures For Your Home that you can select in different sizes.

– Botti Suspension, by Delightfull

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