The Best Floor Lamps For Small Apartments

If you’re a modern kind of person, your apartment is too small, and you have trouble in decorating it, we are here to help you (giving you some tips!).

It’s possible that you really love floor lamps, but the ones you find are massive, and you don’t have much space at your apartment. Don’t worry. This post is just for you.

We search for the best modern lighting that you can use even in small spaces. The secret it’s to find empty strategic places and fill them with the best contemporary chandeliers for modern or eclectic interior decor projects.

David Hunt Lighting

The Campden and Ctratford floor lamps are made of antique brass metal work and resin base. The height of this floor lamps is adjustable and they are supplied with foot switch. They are available in 12 colours.

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The base and body of both chandeliers are simple, what doesn’t matter, since they’ll be hidden. The top it’s very elegant and have to be seen. So you can perfectly put this pieces behind a sofa, for example.

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The Nature is a gorgeous home lighting, tath will take your breath away. You need to have it in that empty corner of your living room that you never knew how to fill out. This modern white chandelier “plays with fluidbotanic geometries to define a new light condition in space, castingintersecting light and shadow onto walls and surfaces in a very threedimensional way’’, they say.

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Also by Artemide – one of the greatest lighting brands – you have Zen, with painted metal base, stem in painted aluminium and diffusers in anodised aluminium. The focus is on the top, so you can hide the base.

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This magnific brand has the charismatic Herbie standing lamp, inspired by Herbie Hancock’s great personality. This lamp has bright colors and it will surely bring joy to any setting. It offers the possibility to regulate its height and direction. Is handmade in brass and its lampshade in aluminum.

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Amy floor is the perfect cool lamp for vintage/modern spaces. So romantic and classy. This lamp is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse (look, the black of her hair and her round earring) and is handmade in brass and aluminum, exactly like it was made in the 50’s. We are sure it will fit in any corner of your small apartment, and will give it a whole new life.

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Are you now inspired?