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Top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers

Today we bring you an excellent selection of top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers for you to use in your home designs. Welcome to the wonderful world of make-believe where everything is not always what it seems, in fact it’s false 90% of the times, We are talking, of course, of the Hollywood dreams world of movies and TV businesses.

In order to make their magic they need props! And the most famous lighting prop they seems to love and not to get enough of that is a chandeliers. In fact, if you make it an antique chandelier and if you make it fall it would be the cherry on top of the cake for Hollywood people.

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Here you have the most iconic antique chandeliers and RUN! they are about to fall or there’s something happening to them. Ahahah!

1) Phantom of the Opera Chandelier

phantom of the opera 2004 Top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers

2) Marie Antoinette Chandelier

france jardin versailles giverny Top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers

3) Mirror Mirror Chandelier

Sharon Marston Mirror Mirror Film Top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers

4) The Great Gatsby Chandeliers

THE GREAT GATSBY Top 5 Iconic Antique Chandeliers

5) True Blood, Bill’s Foyer Chandelier

Top 5 Iconic Chandeliers

If those images were nit enough to give you the inspiration you needed, you can also see this video below about The most beautiful chandelier designs:


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