Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting

Are you prepared to see 5 examples of the best Art Deco Lighting?

Florida Cookery at The James Royal Palm by Rottet Studio
The James Royal Palm is the brand’s first hotel in Florida. The James brand is synonymous with the seamless blend of modern, residentially styled spaces and guest-centric service.
Florida Cookery Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting
The James Royal Palm is a modern tribute to the local area and art deco roots of the historic Royal Palm which was built in 1939. The entire design vision behind the hotel was to transport guests into an era of nostalgia reminiscent of Art Deco Miami in the 1920s through 1940s. A grand sweeping art deco-style staircase on the first floor leads to the hotel’s main restaurant, Florida Cookery which is located on the second level to offer commanding views of the oceans.
Florida Cookery Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting

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Café Deco by 4N Architects
Cafe Deco Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting
The design creates a strong contrast between old and new, reminiscence of art-deco elements in the dining and bar area. Its unique open show-kitchen, the dining space stretches across the balcony, an extension of the bar’s elegance to the lounge among those bar stools with built in cushion covered with Ostrich leather, classic custom made vintage sofas set with the glossy marble tables with wicker structure, standout with the significant brass electric clock circa 1930 and provided cozy ambient with bronze art deco sconce light circa 1940 as well as the large backdrop wall of old historical pictures.
Cafe Deco 2

Twitter Global Headquarters by IA Interior Architects
Twitter Global Headquarters
Twitter’s new global headquarters occupies floors 7-9 of the 11-floor Market Square complex, an iconic 1937 Art Deco landmark that once housed the San Francisco wholesale furniture mart. Until recently, the building, like the rest of its mid-Market Street neighbors, has been a casualty of urban blight. Twitter’s occupancy marks the beginning of a long-overdue renewal for the area, which is adjacent to some of the city’s most historic venues: Davies Symphony Hall, the War Memorial Opera House, the Asian Art Museum, and City Hall. Twitter Global Headquarters Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting

Twitter Global Headquarters Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting

Beresford Hotel bar by Kerry Phelan Design Office
Beresford Hotel bar
The brief was to create a live music venue that would appeal to inner city locals in particular. Kerry Phelan Design immediately looked to venues in London and NYC for inspiration. They wanted to retain the laid back feeling of the existing pub downstairs, but as the venue will be attracting international acts, were keen to add a bit of glamour.
Beresford Hotel bar Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting
Architecturally, the Beresford is a mixture of many eras. Perhaps the strongest influence that remains is the art deco period. This stuck in Kerry Phelan minds when they designed the tiered curved ‘cabaret club’ seating and the podium stage. The overall feel is contemporary but the references to the 30s really did strike a chord with us.
Beresford Hotel bar 3

Vasco by Joyce Wang
Vasco Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting
Vasco, the more formal dining room, is perched on the mezzanine level adjacent to an inviting balcony area overlooking the PMQ Cube. Lens- patterned glass within metal framework encloses the perimeter of the Vasco main dining room. The translucency of the glass allows the diners in Isono to observe the movement and lighting of the floor above and at the same time allows diners in Vasco to dine in privacy.
Vasco Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting
Colours of gold, burnt caramel, deep green and tar reference the aging process of Spain’s celebrated olive oil but also references the dominant palette of colours evident in the mid-Century era of Europe and in the US. Vasco is clad with exotic marble paneling, dimly lit onyx ceilings and furniture with an art-deco silhouette. Black lacquered floors extend to the balcony outside, incorporating the slim balcony space into the restaurant. With a feature circular private balcony suspended over Isono, Vasco diners have the best seats to enjoy film projections over the double-height wall.
Vasco Top 5 Examples of Art Deco Lighting

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