Art Deco Lighting: Best Design Ideas

It’s time do check out this selection of art deco lighting best design ideas.

Luxe Lounge, by Cloud9 Design Studio

Luxe Lounge approached Cloud9 with the task of designing a club like no other in Costa Rica.
Art Deco Lighting: Best Design Ideas luxe lounge
Inspired by Art Deco, the team combined a rich color-palette with special lighting effects, jagged lines, extravagant furniture, and lavish imagery to create a club with numerous ambiences where eclecticism is the only common denominator.
Luxe Lounge Art Deco Lighting: Best Design Ideas
Through this deliberate clash of spatial and visual elements, the club successfully embodies Luxe Lounge’s ambitious goal of setting a new standard for Costa Rican nightlife.
Luxe Lounge Art Deco Lighting: Best Design Ideas

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Edward Kent American Art Deco Machine Age Table Lamp
Edward Kent American Art Deco Machine Age Table Lamp
This American art deco table lamp is from the 1930’s. It was designed by Edward Kent for the Railley Company, Cleveland Ohio. Constructed of black enameled and highly polished aluminum, the lamp is a testimony to the machine age. The downward slope of the three graduated shades is repeated in reverse with the finial. The black enameled shaft is split by three polished aluminum rings. The interior of the bottom shade is painted white to reflect light for reading or work. The diffused light from the next two shades is colored by red and green painted interiors.

Concept Lamp 02, by Brennan Letkeman
Concept Lamp 02
A self initiated project by Brennan Letkeman, where he wanted a new style or sub genre that wasn’t quite as Victorian as steampunk and not as dirty industrial as dieselpunk but with a subtle art deco vibe in there. It’s glossy and finished, but still has thick copper tubing and rivets as if someone found parts at a factory.

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