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Novelties & Best Sellers Catalogue 2024

Luxurious Hospitality Projects by Wimberly Interiors

The most incredible inspirations of interior design world are the ones that come from hospitality projects. That kind of projects where the interior designer has a much bigger canvas is where the splashes of creativity come to life. Wimberly Interiors is one such interior designer, observing the portfolio of this studio is gazing upon a major feast of this projects.

Come and see this Luxurious projects with us:

LSM Hotel Designed with a distinct lobby in different styles and using different materials! In terms of lighting, the mix between floor lamps and suspension lamps is a great ideia!

Wimberly Interiors

Four Seasons Hotel in Taghourz with a pastel decor for this bedroom. White and gold details are always a great idea to give light to the room. 

Wimberly Interiors

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Hotel  Beach High using natural light to give a luxury touch to the lobby.

Wimberly Interiors

JW | Marriot Hotel 

Wimberly Interiors

Upcoming project of St. Regis Hotel with leather sofas and armchair to give the room a luxury touch. 

Wimberly Interiors

The Ritz Carlton with an intimist ambiance with small lighting that seems like candles. 

Wimberly Interiors

WATG has practiced environmental and cultural design sensitivity for as long as the firm has been in existence: more than 60 years. Having designed projects in more than 150 countries and territories, the firm respects the unique environment and cultural heritage of each host country, region or community, and works to make a positive contribution to the lives and culture of that area. Our mission is “to design experiences that lift the spirit.

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