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Night Fever By Draga & Aurel Night Fever By Draga & Aurel
DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

DelightFULL on Tour: Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

It has been a year filled with meetings across three continents for DelightFULL. From America, going through Europe and even Africa, DelightFULL is everywhere! And with a few more trips to more exotic locations still to happen until the end of the year, today we are telling you all about their latest business trip to Germany, where they went to spread our overall love of mid-century lighting and the amazing world of jazz, blues and, of course, bespoke interior design…

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DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

From the 7th until the 21st of June, DelightFULL’s team visited eight amazing cities in Germany! Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Lippstadt, Rinteln, Hannover, Leipzig and Pirna, they all got to know what DelightFULL does best: bespoke and customized mid-century lamps! And, of course, our team also had a blast getting to know the best and most inspiring places across all these eight German cities.

DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!


During the two weeks the team was on German soil, they did visit some of the best interior design and architecture studios in all Germany. One of those was Lange Innenausbau. You can get to know them a little bit more here, but just from reading this excerpt, you can quickly understand that you’re in for an amazing and high-quality service!

Experience unique living and living spaces from our planning and production. With more than 600 square meters of exhibition and sales space, we have been developing innovative interior design in the form of upmarket collections and unusually beautiful products for more than a quarter of a century in Kelkheim.

DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

DelightFULL’s team also had the chance to visit Leptien 3 in Kelkheim, which you can also read about here. They are currently working on multiple projects and, who knows, maybe we will be seeing more of DelightFULL’s lamps in their future interiors…

DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

Photo © Leptien 3

Another interior design studio that met with DelightFULL was Licht by Horse, based in Dusseldorf. We have chosen this minimalist interior to show you their interior design style. “The town house dating back to 1890 was rebuilt several times over the decades, and was partly used as a medical practice. Now it is a residential house for a family to live and work on 5 levels in the middle of the city.

DelightFULL on Tour- Taking Mid-Century Lighting to Germany!

Photo © Licht by Horst

Now make sure to keep following us, because it won’t be long until DelightFULL goes on another business trip to meet with the most inspiring interior design studios and share our love for mid-century lighting. And the best thing about it? We get to tell you everything!

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You can visit DelightFULL’s Inspirations Page as well as our Pinterest boards in order to get more inspirations.

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