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Inside The Screen: Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interior Design!

Lights Off, Wine in Hand and Movie Playing. Get Ready For Fifty Shades Freed.

Today’s inside the screen brings you something that has been a total head turner. The iconic trilogy has come to an end – or has it? -. Fifty Shades Freed marks the end of an icon in the world of cinema and books. With incredible cast – meaning: Jaime Dornan  – and incredible interior design, the mysterious world of Mr.Grey has made a landmark in our minds and imagination. So, without delay, we bring you our comment of Fifty Shades Freed.

Come Along and Get The Romance Installed In Your Home!

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Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 8

Fifty Shades Freed comes with a bang. The movie based on the iconic trilogy of E.L.James has come to get the attention of the whole world. With the end – could it be? – of the trilogy that made the world go round, we have the scoop on what the movie set production was and what we can put our hand on it!

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interior Design! 9

First of all, Fifty Shades Freed opened with $9.1 Million in international markets. Amazing isn’t it? With icons such as Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Rita Ora and the like, the production set made an incredible job making the movie look like the books. Care to find out how this was done? We have the answers!

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 5

With the production set design meant to bring all the glamour and luxury into the mix only like the Fifty Shades trilogy can make. The final movie doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making the luxury and glamour of it. From private jets to an amazing nuptial start, the final instalment direct by James Foley and scripted by  Niall Leonard makes the movie worthwhile.

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 2

When it comes to binge-watching this trilogy you need to have in mind that the erotic film trilogy is meant to please the audience. This means, that from the luxurious interior decor to the amazing landscapes, everything is thought out to the detail. Luxury is everywhere and this is the presence throughout the movies. This is clearly noticeable when it comes to the lighting department. With DelightFULL all over the place, lighting designs such as Turner and Ike.

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 1

As the set decorator claims, “We wanted to create a more lush mysterious and perhaps warmer world for Christian. In a way, Christian’s apartment is another character in this movie. The choices I made in the art, lighting, textiles and style are not only luxurious and sensuous they speak very specifically about what kind of a man Christian is – impeccable taste, incredibly sexy, young, vibrant unbelievably successful with a west coast lifestyle.”

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 3

When asked about how the set design was brought to life, the set decorator, Carolyn “Cal” Loucks, explains that from the first movie to the last, everything was completely torn and brought to life once again. From example, the decorator explains that the apartment we see in the final point of the erotic films was inspired by contemporary homes of bachelors, “The choices I made were very much masculine, deeper richer colours, contemporary and specific to Christians character. I think that the audience will love the choices I made. It is true to the type of man Christian is.”

Inside The Screen Fifty Shades of Cinema & Blasting Interiors! 7

But let’s talk prop design. If this isn’t the movie you’re set on having the prop design, then we’re really disappointed. With merchandising all over the world, the movie prop design is to die for. For example, the Masquerade Ball shot on Vancouver Convention Centre proves to be the one you’ll want to create the perfect wedding or themed party!


Turner & Ike

The amazing lighting designs that already have a branded look in our minds don’t let anyone get unnoticed throughout the whole trilogy! The taste of the mid-century world just around your fingertips! Get ready to shop!

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