Covet London's Event Celebrates Design In Style!

Covet London’s Event Celebrates Design In Style!

Celebrating Design With Friends!

Covet London’s event was the one for the stars. The glamour, the golden era of design and the unique and wonderful city of London were the curtain to this glamour event of 2018. With that in mind, we were there to testify that this was the unique event you shouldn’t have missed!

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London, London, the place where you can become no one and every one in an instant! The place to create the most memorable of the memories and to get your Instagram the best it has ever been! So, don’t wait! Get your Instagram ready for all those amazing photos you’re going to take and share it with us!

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The event that happened in the Covet Group’s show flat in Chelsea Harbour. Hosting one of the many events of the year, the Covet Group was around the city of inspiration and style to celebrate design with friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a peek at this Covet Group show flatOur team will be waiting for you until March 10th!

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The event that had a casual and intimate atmosphere counted with the presence of several special guests that our team had the pleasure to receive. With gold as a perfect part of every detail of the flat show, the luxurious interior design was the one to pop up like no other!

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The event that counted with several mid-century design pieces such as Ike floor lamp as the one to make a spectacular appearance, you can count on DelightFULL’s lighting pieces to bring that mid-century modern twist to any room.

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Having some of the most iconic lighting pieces present in the room, we couldn’t escape the grace and style that some of the DelightFULL’s pieces had the pleasure to capture our attention to. Lighting pieces such as Amy floor lamp and Turner table lamp made a memorable appearance.

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The event that has been around for quite some time brought along style and fashion like no other. Following the trends of harmonious spaces, all the rooms have that snug feeling of privacy among guests.

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One of the many showrooms that the Covet Group has to offer, this exclusive show flat can host your meetings and parties offering the best that the luxurious interiors can have! Filled with DelightFULL’s lighting designs to get that special aura and ambience that will for sure make your memories brighter!


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